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Viewing the furniture
Click on ‘furniture ranges’ to see a selection of items representing HomeinOne quality products
Selecting your furniture
Click on ‘Inventories’ for a description of items listed for a respective size of property.
Value added items allow the client to cater for extra needs by providing a supplement to the standard inventory.
Requesting a site survey
It's easy. Simply contact to arrange a site survey of any proposed rental property.
The appointment will be set within 48 hours.
Delivery can be completed within FIVE DAYS of order confirmation and payment. All deliveries and check-in services must be supervised by the client or their appointed representative. Delivery times are between 09.00 - 16.00 Sunday through Thursday inclusive.
A dedicated installation supervisor will ensure the rented furniture is correctly installed by an experienced delivery team. HomeinOne will also unwrap and place the accessory packs.
All packaging from the furniture and accessories will be removed from the property by the delivery team... Next read more
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