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Interim deliveries and collections

Supplementary Items are available as an addition to the minimum inventory as listed for respective properties under the inventories section. Value added items are available to address the need for a host of other potential requirements. These items may be ordered along with the initial requirement or at any time during the rental period. Supplementary or value added items delivered or collected during the rental period will be subject to an additional charge.

The client will be contacted FOURTEEN DAYS prior to the end of the rental period to confirm and arrange check-out and collection services. A dedicated supervisor will ensure that rental furniture and accessories are removed quickly and efficiently. The collection process may take up to three hours depending on the size of the property. Any planned delivery of owned furniture should be scheduled for after completion of the collection service. All check-out and collection services must be supervised by the client or their appointed representative. Collection times are between 09.00 - 16.00 Sunday through Thursday inclusive.

Minimum Rental Period
There is no minimum rental period although a minimum charge of one month's rent applies.
Early return of rental items
All items are subject to a minimum rental charge of one month. HomeinOne will however provide an early check-out collection service if requested by the client. If collection of the rental goods is required prior to the expiry of the rental period agreed on the order then all outstanding rental payments until the end of the contractual period will become payable immediately. If the exact length of a long term rental is not known it is recommended that a minimum 12 month contract be taken out.

Rates for rentals exceeding 3 months are available and will be provided upon request. Extension of rental period Rental periods can be extended by giving a MINIMUM OF FOURTEEN DAYS NOTICE to HomeinOne. Extension periods are subject to the minimum rental period of one month.

Payment terms
Payment is required in full FIVE DAYS before delivery by company cheque or bank transfer. For rental periods of three months or less, the initial invoice will include the full rental charge together with the deposit and the delivery installation and collection charge. For rental periods exceeding three months, the initial invoice will include three months rental together with the deposit and the delivery installation and collection charge. Thereafter invoices will be payable in advance or as per Rental Contract.

Deposit & Refund
Security deposits are payable equal to one months rental for periods up to six months and two months rental for periods up to one year. Longer periods are subject to a security deposit of three months rental. Deposits will be returned four weeks after check-out and collection service is completed, once all the items have been inspected, cleaned or repaired to an acceptable standard. Deductions will be made to cover the cost of damage over and above normal wear and tear, to replace items damaged beyond repair and to cover costs if professional cleaning has been necessary.

Insurance of Furniture and accessories
All furniture and accessories are insured against loss by fire, flood damage or by theft when there has been forced entry or exit to locked premises. The cost of this insurance is incorporated in the monthly rental charge.

Damaged goods
The goods are not insured against accidental or malicious damage. Full replacement cost will be deducted from the deposit. A policy of ‘pairs & sets’ applies.

Faulty Items
Simply report the fault to HomeinOne and a repair or replacement will be arranged as soon as possible, free of charge.

Purchase of furniture and accessories
If the rental period exceeds twelve months, HomeinOne will be happy to provide a quote for purchase of the ‘entire inventory’ at the end of the rental period. In such instances please contact :

Non-recoverable items
HomeinOne complies with the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness and quality of goods and services.
In accordance with this policy, HomeinOne have incorporated a ‘Non Recoverable’ Cleaning Pack consisting of brand new items for each client at their check-in. The ‘Non Recoverable’ Cleaning Pack therefore remains the possession of each respective client. In addition, items such as: Pillows and various ‘Kitchen Pack’ items are also ‘Non Recoverable.’

HomeinOne does not provide curtains.

Televisions with remote control will be placed on the rental unit provided. Cable & Satellite Services are excluded from Furniture Rental packages, unless specifically requested, in advance, and are subject to availability from Service Providers.